Glans ring and condoms

Hi we really want to try a glans ring but our only form of contraception is condoms. Does anyone use these together or will the ring split the condom

I have a glans ring I have never worn a condom with the ring so I can advise you from a previous experience. From using the glans ring I wouldn't expect it to be 100% safe to use the condom especially with the ball as I suspect it could tear.

Not a glans ring but my husband has a PA. We used condoms in between having our kids and in between other contraceptives. We haven't experienced a tear but it is more awkward to put on. I do imagine it will be less effective though.

I've got a huge PA ring and never had any issues as long as what you're wearing does not have any pointy/sharp edges it'll be fine, give where they're worn they should not have any edges that may cause this.

To try put a condom on and see if you can get it to break using your hand? that'll give you an idea?

Thanks quiet Ones. will give it a try first

We have used glans rings and condoms together without issue, only ever risked it with the "extra safe" types though

I agree that the thicker 'extra safe' type should be ok - avoid enaything like Thin Feel.