Glass toys discontinued

Has anyone noticed a lot of LH glass toys are being discontinued. Wonder if this means there going be some new glass toys coming.

Oh hadn't noticed, They did it last year with the pink ones. Hope they bring some new ones out x

Lets hope so, I've recently started using glass and absolutely love it, it's a shame that LH are now getting rid of a lot of the toys I'm after!

I have seen 3 that are going tho have brought 2 of them. Boogaloo the glass toys are very good.

That's such a shame, the lovehoney glass toys are fantastic! Hopefully they'll bring out some more though :)

Boogaloo, they're reduced though, so even more of a bargain, which to me is the perfect excuse for a spot of online shopping ;)

hadnt noticed but fingers crossed its to make way for new ones

i am lucky to have 3 of the lovehoney glass dildos. though i did have a peek to see if the icicles one i am after was on offer,

I do own 4 LH ones. Which icicles one do you like?

I did notice, infact one on the tester list i was going to buy some other time is now discontinued so i made a second order this week for that.

I know. I brought two this week with seeing them discontinued. Cant really afford to get a 3rd one as well.

Ooooh, I hope this means they're bringing in new ones :) I'd like to see more glass plugs.

I've got my eye on one of the discontinued pieces of glass that's on the tester list i very nearly bought the previous "Glas" brand version before it sold out

I have got the one you have got one the wishlist. There one on the tester items i like to.

sleepycelia wrote:

Ooooh, I hope this means they're bringing in new ones :) I'd like to see more glass plugs.

I hope it means they're bringing in more colours, I like their dildos; but for me the last ones were just way too plain.

I agree with frozenangel the ones before this lot Lovehoney are doing now had nicer colours. is the one I like and would not mind getting.

@myghost which one were you wanting ?

The g-spot one

hopefully its to pave way for more new ones. Gutted the juicer is going but glad I got my hands on one :)

ahh I totaly love the G spot one. Hits the right place, and you dont need to be major horny to be able to use it, unlike the beaded one, as its rather wide