hello newbie here..........

i enjoy male and female encounters anyone else like to be greedy?

Hi sexybex ..... welcome to the boards.

Yes I definitely like a varied diet too. Can't beat it
A different 'diet' caters for a different mood don't you think?

Haha, nice intro sexybex - it's very nice to meet you :)

I'm not as greedy (!) anymore, but I certainly wanted to test the waters before chosing my pool. Ooer, I don't quite know where that analogy came from :S Enjoy the forums here!

Just been laying naked in the sun .... I just love this weather. The trouble is that it makes me feel SO randy.

As I was laying face down on the sunbed with the warmth of the sun on my back I got to thinking how lovely it would be to feel something nice and 'thick' nestling inside me. ( sigh ).

Just came in to cool off (in more ways than one) ....... out I go again.

Haha, good to hear that others are enjoying the sun in more ways than one, HottyBotty! Although I normally find I'm not that turned on by the hot weather. Ooh, not like a freezing winter morning in bed... Seems entirely innappropriate in this weather to be thinking of that though!

Aahhhh, a nice sunny day or a freezing winter morning in a nice warm bed ............ much the same effect really

sexybex26 wrote:

i enjoy male and female encounters anyone else like to be greedy?

Keeping 'the food thing' going .
On reflection I would think of it not so much being greedy but having a balanced diet .

wecome sexybex and hottybotty


Hullo and welcome!

welcome to OA. nice intro! x

Hi sexybex26 - if I had my time over again I'd say yes, but now I'm just happy with my one fella.

Hi sexy and welcome.........

Howdy sexybex26 and welcome to the forums, hope to see you around!

SG69 x