Newbie here. I’m a single heterosexual male who has somehow managed to still be a virgin at 26 years old. After having come down with my latest bout of frustration because of this I decided to say fuck it and bought myself a “pocket pussy” lol. Dating apps don’t seem to work and I don’t know where else I could possibly meet a girl. Either way I’m excited to see how this “PP” treats me…


Hey and welcome! I’m sure the pocket Puss will be sufficient to hold you over until someone comes along.

Dating apps are usually fine for a quick hook up, but going out and meeting new people is the best way to find a partner.


Hi and welcome to the forum. I wouldnt be too worried about being a virgin, you are still young. Hope you enjoy your pocket pussy


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I really wouldn’t worry about still being a virgin in your mid 20s, you’re still young. If you want to meet someone, I agree with @LIL_KNOWN69 , find a hobbie, sport or pastime that you enjoy. Join a club and meet new people that way. Less pressured if you’re just there to make new friends and sexual relationships often have a habit of forming. In the meantime enjoy your new Pocket Pussy!


Also as other have said…. Don’t make it a negative that you carry your V card! Most people would love to hold onto that experience and make it special.

Plus sex is not required when lovehoney have an absolute plethora of toys to choose!

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Thank you @Peitho. I do engage in hobbies/sports however they are male dominated so I guess between doing those and working a lot the opportunities aren’t that great.

Thank you. Believe me, I’m going to be going to town on that thing lol

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome.

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Hellooooo, don’t give up. I met my wife on POF

You’ll have to set one aside and join a dance class instead! :rofl:
Not really, but I’m sure some of those guys have sisters, female friends or girlfriends with single friends who might be up for a set up. There are always random unexpected links that can lead to relationships. I really wouldn’t worry though, it’ll happen when the time is right.

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