Help me! Paddle Help! >_

In my relationship, me and the missus have quite a thing for spanking, and are very happy with me giving her spankings, using a variety of things. Rulers, brushes, wooden spoons and even sometimes a hard back book!

We are very much into spanking but our dilemma is that, we've wanted a paddle for quite some time now, however, leather ones are definatly out, because shes vegan, and I HATE leather. >_<

We looked at the vegan ones on Lovehoney, and as much as we wan one, the pink is just unappealing and not what we like ^^; I think we would rather have a wooden one, but the problem is, Honey doesn't sell them!

I was just leaving this post to ask for any links to sites that sell wooden ones in the UK for reasonable prices =] Or maybe even somebody out there who is a carpenter, and makes 'those sort' of things. =D

Help would be very much appreciated.
~Ryan x

How about a table tennis bat? Ok, not quite a spanking paddle, and not very heavy either, but it'd make some nice patterns :)

Or a big wooden spatula from a kitchen shop?

Alternatively, I recommend Coco De Mer - look at this link:


thought the coco de mer site looked a little odd, but i thought this wooden paddle looked very good and only £15

enjoy ;)

Yeah I always thought a table tennis bat would be good but never got round to looking for one XD

No problem Ryan - I thought their hand made rubberwood spanking paddle was the best option, given what you'd asked for. And only twenty quid.

@ shellyboo

What?! :-P

I used to have a girlfriend who whipped me with her hair when we made love - VERY sexy! It was pretty long mind. You haven't lived until you've experienced that for yourself. Better find yourself a long haired guy. Or buy one of those creepy whips ;-)

XD I'm sure that has to be a very fun experience, if not somewhat scary to others.

I could get on board with being hair-whipped if it was attached to someone... but getting whipped with disembodied hair?! Beyond creepy. Really.

Anyway, not so much with the long-haired guys. I prefer short hair... or maybe just long enough to pull ;)

just a thought modern table tennis paddles are a bit rough ??

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

I used to have one when I was a kid. I dunno what they are like now, but the one I had (wait it was just 1? Hmmm. Why did I only have one?) the one I had would have been very rough to spank with if I remember it rightly, it was prone to splinters... (Why on earth did I have 1 table tennis bat when I was a kid? I didn't even play table tennis!)

ahhh aybe it was like there in your personality that ya enjoyed spanking even before it came out proper ??

professor jav psyco analyzes again lol

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Could be, could be... *ponders*

ooooer she's pondering

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

*...I never had any splinters in my ass, that I remeber....*

pmsl ... yeh sommat you were unlikely to forget is splinters in ya ass as a child !!!!

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

ha ha! Yeah! This is true... Its still really confusing me! I is bedfuddled!!

i had a cricket bat when i was younger so your worrying me now tooo lol

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Ah, but you can get away with a cricket bat. You only need one for the game. But only one table tennis bat???

good point erm maybe you lost the other one in an act of excitement

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Perhaps! Lol! At least this convo is in the best place. "Paddle Help!"

yeh right section it would have been a bit weird if you had started a new topic with he title "table tennis x1 lost the matching pair as a chile please help"

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

I could do... But I don't think It would go down well.. Now what was the orgional question? Oh, yeah.. LH does do good wooden paddles now..

yeh getting back to the subject lol

Ooh, thanks for pointing out those wooden paddles, hadn't noticed those before...*wishlists*