Help me! Ridged vibes and masterbating

Hey, so I have a weird question!... Do people masturbate with their vibrators alone? I play with my vibrator with my OH and sometimes get the urge to whilst I'm masturbating alone... BUT, when I do I just find it feels really rubbish and uncomfortable. I don't have a problem with bullets etc it's just my vibrator... Perhaps it's because my current one is to ridged and solid? Anyway Im so scared to buy a silicone (or similar) dildo because I'm at uni and money is too tight! Does anyone else use silicone dildos and love it but feels the same as I do about harder ridged vibrators?? HELP ME! I keep day dreaming about having nice big silicone one specially as my OH is away working for a while, but I'm to scared to commit! Eeeeeep! Also what's the deal with glass dildos, are they not to hard? Although I'm guessing they glide in and out nicely unlike my stupid vibrator ha!

P.s. sorry about my spelling! Doh!

I'm not a fan of dildos/insertable vibrators because they don't do much for me and like you, I find them uncomfortable once they're inside. However, my silicone rabbit has changed my feelings somewhat. I enjoy having that inside me a lot more and it helps that it has the ears as well for the clitoris. They're quite expensive (I'm a student too) but definitely worth it for me. It's my favourite thing to masturbate with (though it is loud which is problematic since I have to wait until the house is empty!) A silicone dildo/vibrator would probably be cheaper/quieter which might suit you better

I love glass dildos. You can use them for temperature play which adds extra fun. You can pick different textures and shapes. Yes, they are hard, but very, very smooth. I don't even need lube to play with mine. I will not use plastic vibrators, as they do not do anything for me. I do like my silicone rabbit though, but not a fan a just plain silicone vibrators.

What vibrator do you have? Is it one from here you can link to?

I do use virbators alone, but personaly find that I prefer to use a dildo internally with some vibrations for clitoral stimulation, I don't get much out of inernal vibrations.

The only vibrator I've started to enjoy using just by itelf, is this one:

Although it is very rigid, it is so slim that it seems to be much easier to find plesure with.

Is you current vibrator straight like the one I linked to, or is a curved g-spot one?

On the plus side if you do decide to take the leap and it doesn't work out for you then you have the awesome Lovehoney returns policy to fall back on.


It really depends what your preference is and what sensations you're after - as different things feel good to different people. What vibrator are you talking about if you don't mind me asking?

I have the 7 inch super smoothie vibe, which feels great for clitoral stimulation but really uncomfortable internally. I was sent the 7 inch curved dildo with suction cup to test, which has a little hole in the bottom for inserting bullet vibes, and that feels a lot more comfortable to use as it's more flexible (but still firm).

It might be that what you're using is simply too straight and doesn't mould to your anatomy well, in which case you might want to look at some of th G spot vibes. The Tracey Cox one is pretty good!

I did purchase a silicone G spot dildo, but actually found that it was TOO flexible and just didn't hit the right spots. I was also nervous about trying glass as its so rigid, but honestly it's so smooth that it's not even an issue. The best thing about glass is that you can heat it up or cool it down, and its rigid enough to provide G spot stimulation without being uncomfortable.

You might be best to have a look around and purchase whatever interests you, then give it a test run. You can return anything for any reason, new or used, to LH for up to 365 days after you purchased it. So if you try something and it doesn't feel good, return it for free and get a full refund or exchange. :)

Thank you so much everyone! I have a "Heart Throb" vibe from dare I say it... Ann Summers lol it is straight and also lumpy and feels awful but back in the day I spent £60 on it! Time to venture to g-spot vibrators, glass or a plain dildo I think! Thanks so much everyone I was really worried that it was just me!!! Xxx

Hey hun i too find the stiff vibrators unconfortable. Try the jelly range or type flexi in the serch bar its comes up with flexi range

Thank you :-) x