Help please - Adrien Lastic remote


I have received my Adrien Lastic Dream egg nicely in time for Valentine's Day but I can't get it to work!

Can someone who has used or has got an Adrien Lastic toy that uses the remote system help me. I have charged the toy and think te problem is with the battery in the remote. I'm not sure if I am putting it in the right way as it fits both with the plus sign up and the plus side down?

Can someone help me please?

Stupid question, do you have another battery to try? Sometimes the batteries do run flat in the warehouse.

Hope you get something sorted before Valentines, what a time to get a dud! :/

If you've got it from LH they may beable to help.

I did have a problem with AL toy before and they sent me parts to fix it or a replacement. I can't 100% remember as it was awhile back, but if you didn't get it from here contact them directly.

Thanks for the super quick replies.
I contacted LH two days ago and they suggested it might be the battery so very kindly sent me another. I've tried the new one and still nothing. I'm not sure if it's me now that's just doing something silly!
I might pop to the shops and get a new battery if they sell that kind.
What way did the battery go in?


A bit of re jigging of the battery and it just sprung in to life!!!!

So happy. Let the Valentine's day treat commence!!!!

Thank you x

That's great news have fun