Help with Annabelle Knight classic

My boyfriend recently bought the Annabelle Knight classic vibe for me, but I’m struggling to get it to work with the button to turn it on/off and change setting.

Can anyone give advice on battery positioning, what should connect in terms of metal wire etc?

Found this on the product page
“Please note: The instructions for battery insertion may be incorrect. Please try inserting the batteries the opposite way to what is instructed in the manual if you experience problems.”

Hope it helps. If that fails, make sure its definitely screwing down properly when you close the battery casing. i often have issues like that with similar vibes.


I’ve had the batteries in every which way I can and the only thing that seems to make it work is physically putting the metal wire to the end of one of the batteries, but then I screw the cap on and can’t turn it off or change the setting with the button :tired_face:

Could be a faulty unit. You certainly should not be holding wires together

It sounds iffy. I’d contact Customer Care (or your boyfriend may need to if he purchased it) and they should be able to replace it if it’s faulty. :+1: