Home alone

Kyle left for a lads holiday this morning now I’m home alone for 6 days :slightly_frowning_face::joy: what do people do when home alone? And it doesn’t have to be masturbate :joy:

Dress up in your best sexy lingerie and take a few naughty selfies and send them to him - he will be equally frustrated

Apart from that work your way through your toys …


Smash all the housework in a bout an hour or two, sit there wondering why it usually takes an entire day with other family members, go shopping for food for the week making sure I leave at least five days free for takeaways, again sit down and wonder why it takes all day to do this usually, get together with friends for a while maybe have a few drinks, then sit there wondering why I don’t do this more often, take the dog out to places I haven’t been before and make notes on how stunning it is and to bring the rest of family there when they return, watch all the films they don’t want to watch……… then sit there and realise why they didn’t want to watch them ……

Probably masturbate in some weird place with toys lube and a good 5 min of a random porn site…….

Sit there and realise I miss them then start making plans for when they get back! :joy::joy:


Girls night! Invite your friend around for a girlie night pj’s / food / films / chat and possibly naughties

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to be honest I was already planning sending him a picture I’m planning it for tonight just send him nudes :slightly_smiling_face::joy:


Yeah I think me and my friend are doing that on Friday because her bf has gone on the same holiday :slightly_smiling_face: so we’re both in the same boat haha


Why wait till Friday :joy::joy::joy:. Go for sexy lingerie trying on night :joy:, take pictures and send them to the other half’s, make sure right photo to right oh

Looks like fun night for you 2 make sure toys are ready

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No we won’t be doing anything sexual I don’t think :joy: I just mean watch films have drinks get a takeaway


Thats tuff call i bet something goes on ahead

Nothing like that will happen


Is it me or is this getting a little Pervy and wishful :joy::joy:
Crack open a few bottles with your mates have a pizza delivered and enjoy the extra space and not having to steal the duvet back in your bed for a few nights :grin::joy:

………… then masturbate!! :grimacing::joy::joy: (sorry I couldn’t resist! :rofl:)

Mrs. Val and her gal friend (“S” who is also the basis of my fantasies) tend to play a little when they get together. You can read about her on my “On My Mind” post…

I don’t frown on it but am a bit jealous. I just redid my deck and added a hot tub. I will be away this weekend and I heard rumors that she will be staying over a couple nights. I’m tempted to install another outdoor security camera to ensure everyone is “safe” around the hot tub area… and peek in on them if they get up to anything… :smile:

That is one thing I wouldn’t ever miss about him especially when it gets colder weather stealing the duvet off him :joy:

I’m so jealous. I would love for a week of peace :joy: I’m lucky if I get to watch Love Island in silence :see_no_evil:

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Watch tv and dance around around the house lol :joy:

video games, movies, lots of masturbation, meeting with friends, even more masturbation, getting on a really weird rabbit hole of youtube videos like travel vlogs or tiny houses or cooking or every single thing on the lovehoney youtube channel, even more masturbation

Sleep :sleeping:

Good to see you being responsible. You would never forgive yourself if someone stubbed a toe or something. :movie_camera: :male_detective:

Perhaps you could do some joint photos and sent to both OHs, definitely give them something to talk about! You don’t need to do anything sexual, just imagine you are both getting changed after the gym and you might end up naked, and casually chatting, but both in your own space. No touching, kissing, or other funny stuff. I know my OH would love it if I did that with one of my friends. :wink: