How do you guys find a casual FWB? Struggling!

Hi guys,

Im new here and this is my first post ive created on a topic. I just wanted some advice as I’m looking for a FWB who is a girl and loves pegging since ive always been into anal masturbation and want to share that with someone.
The difficulty ive had is finding genuine people and not jokers who are there to waste time. Does anyone have any tips or apps/websites/groups to find this sort of thing? Xx

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Hi @Batman789 and welcome,
Unfortunately not possible to provide those kind of links on the forum, goes against the rules and all that jazz.
Years ago when I was looking for similar, found it pretty tough going - it’s not an easy gig for men, and requires a lot of time, effort and patience. Only tip I can give is to be honest about what you are looking for. There are popular dating sites that allow you to look for casual dating, no strings, there are also some swinging sites, however these are generally saturated with men looking for the same, and of course bots/women looking to make a buck from it too.
There’s some fab swingers sites that are worth googling for, although been a good 5+ years since last looked around for anything like that.
Good luck.


Thanks for the response @Mr_Kink1 !!
It has been a real struggle to be honest :sleepy:
But its okay I’ve got my dildos and but plugs to keep me company!

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Hey, welcome to the forums.

Obviously there are plenty of hook up type sites out there but there are also sites like Fetlife which are community based sites but might be able to help you make connections or tips for better approaches.

As @Mr_Kink1 said, most of these sites will have a lot of guys looking for the same/similar so it’s just about keep trying. Making sure you read profiles (do you fit their criteria?), personalise messages rather than just copy and paste spam, fill out your profile as much as you are comfortable to, etc

Also, what are you offering your future fwb to be? Strap-on play is pretty one sided in terms of physical pleasure (although you can add toys and things for the wearer). If you are in a longer term relationship of some description with a person, then generally the pleasure aspect will balance out and many enjoy simply giving their partner pleasure, but for a brand new fwb situation, what is in it for them? Don’t get me wrong, you should totally be upfront and say that you are looking for someone into pegging but it may need to be part of a wider play/sex session

Otherwise, have a search and see if there are any events in your area around anal play/strap on. Sometimes swinging or fetish clubs do have themed parties, sometimes there can even be social events, there could even be workshops and classes in your area (I’m not saying classes are a place to try and find a partner but you still might be able to pick up tips for finding partners or find out if there are other events in your area).


Thanks for the advice!! Yeah I have a lot to offer and I can definitely give as well as recieve. Ill follow the advice ive been given and see how it goes! Wish me luck

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On a well known ‘dating’ app known for it’s references to fire building.

Just be open and honest about what you’re looking for.

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Yeah, you might struggle with that.
Fact is, there are loads more guys than ladies on most of these sites so the competition is strong.
A non d*ck pic on any profile you set up helps too

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Hey great first post, welcome to the forum. I’m not sure I know of any easier way to go about finding this as most things these days are like pot luck :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Happy hunting

I feel like its easier for women to have slutty sexual encounters because plenty of men willing to make it happen with no strings attached

Dunno what to say about this I can’t imagine there be many , fwb , females that are just going to be into pegging a someone they have just met ?

It doesnt need to be just pegging or straight off the bat as soon as we meet. Maybe i phrased it wrong? Sorry.
Just a like minded indvidual for casual adventerous sexual fun where we can both play out fantasies. Im still into normal heterosexual sex, oral, dirty talk and all that stuff but id like a woman who is open to a ongoing no strings attached relationship if that makes sense. Im okay with them having commitments elsewhere or keeping it a secret like if they have a husband or a boyfriend or even kids. The main thing is the openness and the sexual connection which i guess develops over time.
And might i add im more into older women which harder to break into. Young girls in their early 20’s for example dont cut it for me sometimes- i think theres something hot about doing it with a mum or generally and older woman who is down for whatever. Maybe its the idea that theyre experienced that gets me going i dont know.
Think the best thing is to meet women during normal sexual encounters and just see where the conversation goes!

Maybe men need to get some standards then :joy:


How rude haha ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The PVC cat suit thing might be a hindrance initially. Try dropping that for a while . Maybe bring it back once youve established the FWB… Just a thought, its not everyone’s thing.

Hiya there @Batman789

I think finding a FWB that you have a connection with is hard enough without adding on all the rest…

I would say find that first and foremost and then the rest should follow. You might not find someone who ticks every single box…

Also be prepared with a FWB that feelings and circumstances change…and if they are already in a relationship and or have children plans sometimes have to be dropped at the last minute.

Good Luck in your quest.


Hi @Batman789 happy hunting, and welcome to the tribe!

Agreed. When I met my guy it was very ‘vanilla’ sex. However nearly 3 years on and we have shared loads of our fantasies. But obviously it took time to build thag trust and communication.