How to disassociate sex from your ex?

Title says it all really! I enjoyed an explorative, active and varied sex life with the ex, so now I find just about anything vaguely sexual to be a painful reminder of her.

All the advice tells me I need to forget about what she meant to me, so any tips on how to do that would be much appreciated. We both grew an incredible amount over the years, so it feels like she will always be a part of my sexuality.

Just having so time for yourself its hard Noon . How about buying yourself a new toy that you didnt use with her ?

Thanks KF, that sounds like a really good plan :)

You know what you like , so new you new toy happy cumming : P x

We used to look at erotic art together and even an occasional tasteful porn movie, so even that reminds me of "the good times"! I need to redefine my good times :)

Yep i'd agree with that. I've shared so many firsts sexually experimenting with my partner i can't imagine doing them with anyone else.

New toys sounds like a good place to start :)

I agree with KF and Lou22, new toys are a start and some new interests, that should help. x

Thanks both :) x

Find a partner and do things you never did with your ex, try new things, kinky stuff, sex toys, etc. Modify and improve your sexual experience.

Take care

Thanks Eugene, trouble is my last relationship was far from vanilla! Still, onwards and upwards and see what happens I guess.

Thanks Vix xx