How waterproof IS waterproof?

Excuse me for my first thread....& apologies if this has been answered/already discussed.... (if so, if anyone could kindly post the link, I searched & couldn't find nought....)

Anyways, enough of the ramblings.....I was wondering. When a vibe says it is waterproof, is that shower-proof or submergable-proof?

I got myself one of these babies today: & it mentions shower, but not taking it for a bath?

I don't want to kill it off!!!! :D

Thanks girls & guys! xx

Hiya and welcome :)

Ok, usually if it say waterPROOF rather than resistant or splashprrof then it's good for the bath. That particular one does say it is ok i n the description...


How it measures up
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Insertable: 7 inches
  • Circumference: 6.75 inches
  • Diameter: 2.1 inches
  • Harness compatible: No
How it feels
  • Material: Skin Safe Rubber
  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Colour: Red
  • Waterproof? Submersible
  • Does not contain phthalates"


Ok thanks hun!!! I've just run a hot for a try!!!! ;)

You know what, I never actually noticed that bit you just pasted in......doh! lol! I'll blame the excitement!!!!!!

You might want to test that first by holding it under water for a few minutes, then drying it off and checking the battery compartment.

I have a fun factory vibe that claims waterproofness but got water in the battery compartiment. I was Not Impressed.

I seem to remember some one on about this a while back, If the grey matter serves me right....

Waterproof means showerproof, they actually state submersible on the info if it is so.

You can usaually tell instantly if they are submersible as the battery cap will have a heavy duty seal & screw thread rather than the usual O Seal round the base or flimsy click lock!

Thanks everyone!!! :) x Didn't wanna dunk it & then it die, I would be very upset!!!! :D x

So did it stand up to the bath test?! x

How was it darlin?

We probably need to call the lifeguard, she's either drown or having WAY too much fun to report back. Send in the Hoff!

Haha I forgot all about this thread! Well, it was ok.....I haven't yet found my G-spot, but it certainly felt realllll good in the bath on my C-spot :D. Its a biggun compared to my other toys so fills me up real nice :D x

And yes, it is waterproof - it was under the water for some time & still works :D x

hhmmmmmm - I can feel another order coming on. Mistress loves baths!

She'd love it, it has a number of settings....the pulse one does it for me everytime!! :D x Its so inexpensive too!! *sounding like an advert for LH* hehe x

cheers, i'll definatly think about it! need to look at money and see what (if any) i have left!

Lava_Twilight_x wrote:

And yes, it is waterproof - it was under the water for some time & still works :D x

Did you manage to climax before you went all wrinkly?

Oh yes Mr Duck, only takes me about a minute with clit-stimulation! x Plus I had to dash for college so couldn't have a long soak :(

Once I cum in the bath I'm out pretty sharpish too!

Nexas wrote:

Mucky Duck wrote:

Once I cum in the bath I'm out pretty sharpish too!

Kinda have to be! If any of the floating stuff gets on your skin, it sticks like glue!

Euach :-S Glad I don't have that problem :O)

Gah, imagine getting it in your hair *bleaghhhh*

Apparently jizz is good for your skin! Thats why us men have fewer wrinkles.... Cummy bath water!