I finally took the plunge and ordered the We-Vibe!

I've wanted one for a while but was put off by the price, but I had a little windfall today and the first thing I did was come here and order it! Seriously it was the first thing I thought of after checking my bank account, lol!

I really really hope it doesn't disappoint as I am really hoping it will solve my difficulty cumming during sex. At the moment it can take me ages when I'm on top, which my hub doesn't seem to mind, but it is hard on my thighs! I would like to have a rest and cum in other positions for a change too.

The only worry I have is how my hub will get on with it. He's a bit of a tit about trying new things on his cock. It's like he's scared? I bought him a stroker a couple of weeks ago and he still hasn't let me use it as he 'doesn't like the thought of putting his cock in something'. He doesn't like cock rings or me touching him with a vibrator either. Oh god he's not going to like the We-Vibe is he

Hi Humper,

Wahey, congrats on taking the plunge! The We-Vibe is a really unusual toy and I don't think anyone really knows what it's like until they try it! I have friends who weren't keen on the idea before they got one, and now they swear by it and it's their favourite thing in their toybox.

I'm sure you'll love it, why not show your husband the We-Vibe videos on the product page? It's just as much for him as it is for you ;)

Always remember that Lovehoney has a no-quibbles Returns Policy so you don't need to worry about really not liking something and being out of pocket. We just want you to be happy!


Hi, this is my first post so here goes. Since Xmas my wife and I have bought a few toys, this is the only one that does internal and was the second purchase after a rabbit ears clit toy. My wife loved it but at first I couldn't get used to the idea of something else in "there" with me, the break in action while putting in, turning on and getting down to action put me off a bit. We got the one with remote so once used to that then the process speeds up and becomes more normal. One thing I noticed is that be sure to lube the toy, not just the bits that are inside or in clit contact but also the bend bit as that bit will drag on your husband as he enters, the material has a sticky feeling that lube makes better. Our experience with this has opened our eyes and since then we've bought two lelo toys (egg and ring) and love them all. My nervousness at the start was an issue but my wife helped me past it, don't rush or pressurise it, take it in stages, let him use it as a normal vibe on you first so he sees the good effect it has on you, then take it to the next level as a full sex toy. I saw what it could do and was determined not to be so selfish as to not give that to my wife. We got through it and now I enjoy it almost as much as her. Take time, go slow with lots of lube, try make it natural (keep under pillow with lube) so things progress nicely without awkward breaks and enjoy!

I bought the WV3 as our first toy and its awesome.

Its completly none threatening (doesnt look like willy MkII) and works.

There are a few little niggles, but, its just awesome

Thankyou for all your advice, that is very helpful

It should arrive tomorrow and I'll put it on charge for the 24 hours ready to use at the weekend. Exciting!

I haven't told my husband that I've ordered it yet. If all else fails I can use it by myself I suppose! But to be honest I will be very cross if he doesn't give it a go. I do anything he wants in bed but he isn't so open to trying things; it sometimes seems he wants everything his way and my orgasm is my own responsibility. I've lost count of the times I've told him that most women need a bit of help sometimes by way of a vibrator on the clit!