I got him a thong for Xmas!

It’s great to see the rise in popularity of men’s thongs.
Here’s hoping they become mainstream…


I got converted 3 decades ago its all i wear got about 50+pairs


I’m sure he’s going enjoy them. That’s all I wear anymore. They are so comfy and keep things much more dry down there. (From a male perspective). Keep us updated.

After reading this thread I decided to purchase a pack of Male thongs. I was pleasantly surprised how comfy they are. Everything is held perfectly. I went for the Calvin Klein black ones. Wifey loves me in them, she was shocked at first. I still wear my briefs and hipsters (I’m a CK underwear guy) I’m saving them for date nights though (when I choose not to go commando)


Ever sat down and squashed your bits or seen things poking out of your boxers? you;ll never have this wearing a thong/G string they’re just so comfy after a while wearing them.


I can just see this in an advert now :rofl:


Thongs thongs and more thongs. thongs are everywhere on my butt.

Xoxo. Vote Thong.

My boyfriend has been wearing thongs for ages now and doesn’t wear much else, maybe briefs for when is playing football or other sports. He decided he wanted to try them when he was younger and didn’t really like larger undies like boxer shorts. He’s always said he likes the feel and comfort of wearing a thong and I don’t mind one bit!

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