i have a dream

i have always dreamt of being tied up by a group of women and been their sex slave the thought of being completely defenseless and not in control of what they do is a really turn on for me.

Big Sister in Prague looks the place for you. Not been there yet myself nor has anyone I know admitted to having been there or even to have gone through the portal to the website however, your dream sounds just the kind of thing they would be able to do for you.


Ambiguous suggested http://punterlink.co.uk to me on a previous thread they may well be able to help you fulfill your dream.

i think the same except insteadof women its men lol

That seems to be a common fantasy.

i think we all have that dream, but for me ,they would have to be my slave and fullfill all my pleasure,s all at once,not missing a single spot on my body,OH DAME , THAT FEELS GOOD.GOT TO GO!

lol i agree racey i love that fantasy

i have a dream of buying the caesar sex machine which delievers amazing 12lbs per inch torque of thrusting at love honey and my slave,s to fullfill the rest of my pleasure all out once,and bring me the money to buy that machine,i should be happy!

or came up with an idea and create one,an automated sex machine,oh yes please!???