Imaginative ideas for toys

So, here’s one for the ones with a great imagination. Or is there a toy you have in your head that you’d love to try with some adjustments to it, or a mixture of a couple that would create one? :blush:

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Now that sounds amazing! I wouldn’t mind that myself!

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I use my Volta on him during a blow job, too. He loves it.

I have a very inventive mind and spent many years in design and development . Some of the sex toys I can dream up would take quite a team of experts . Many would just be too expensive . Imagine a dildo or butt plug that would have an adjustable stroke and angle that would stay in whatever position you wished . Also an adjustable squirting option . Maybe a recliner that could be a base for almost any kind of attachment . Imagine subtle hands that could be set to run across your chest or upper legs . Program for nipple play or rubbing your clit or stroking your cock . Or stand alone dildos or butt plugs that stayed in place that you could wear out and about ?
How about a facility where sex experts researched what got you the hottest quickly ? Also custom fit any insertable toy to YOU ? Your imagination is the only limit , and of course money .

The one I came up with for the DAST20 ‘Design a Sex Toy of the Future’ brief (though I didn’t submit it, so I’m free to discuss it. :slightly_smiling_face: Don’t share yours if you entered :+1:) was a piece of wearable tech that had little heat emitters embedded in the fabric (ideally with another little gizmo which could simulate a touch of pressure). I’d then use my imaginary coding powers to write a programme that activated these doodahs in a specific sequence to emulate the touch of a hand, or the warmth of a mouth. Bundle that up into some kind of onsie (or even a smaller flannel sized one that you’d have to move around yourself) and call it something like ‘Whispered Kisses’, (oooh, or ‘The Caress’) and boom. Wait for the money to roll in. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could also have it paired with some kind of a Touch Board, so you could send your lover a kiss over the internet, and they’d feel it right there on their neck. :slightly_smiling_face: Seems especially relevant now with all the Covid too.

My other one was a robot butler called Ask Veebs!, who is also a mobile toy storage unit with built in multi-charger, handsfree lube dispenser, and a VeebWash so I can auto clean my toys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not a sex toy as such, but I still think this is a great idea. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

And I’d forgotten about this one. In the following conversation we pick Mario Kart as the game to do it for. :slightly_smiling_face: Why does this still not exist?!