is it daft to pay more for wedding shoes than wedding dress?

A bit random I know but I have had a chat with friends over lunch today and stated I would pay much more for a pair of shoes on my wedding day than dress...everyone was really shocked but I will only wear the dress once and the shoes much more...Would be the one Ecuador to really go crazy on a price of shoes, buy the de singer shoes there is no way I could get away with buying at any other time.

I have seen a dress at quarter the price of the most amazing shoes...

What do other people think?

I love my shoes and generally pay a fair bit for them - I have very narrow feet so shoes have to fit and be comfy.

If I found a pair of shoes I loved and were comfy then I'd have no problems with them costing more than the dress. They will probably be the one thing that will cause you the most discomfort throughout the day so if they are comfy and fabulous to look at then hey - no brainer!

Like you said - you can wear them again and again but hopfully the dress will be a wear once outfit

I've never understood why some people pay so much for a pair of shoes.... With most wedding dresses, they won't be seen much so may as well go with something comfortable for the day and save the money to use at another time. Would make more sense IMO to buy something like a gorgeous vintage frock and shoes to compliment it.

If I were ever to marry again, I'd love to have a reasonable excuse to get away with wearing Indian dress like a lahenga or gharara. Some of those textiles are exquisite.

i am going for a shorter dress (tea length)because I really want to show off an amazing pair of shoes.

(this is from a man's perspective - just a warning so you may ignore me)

I think you should get an outfit you love. What difference does it matter which cost more, as long as you're not compromising?

As a shoe collector no its not daft seems perfectly logical to me


Definitely agree with the logic: shoes you can wear again, even if it's only the odd "special occassion", but the dress will (hopefully!) never see the light of day again. Plus, you really do need to get the shoes, as you're going to be on your feet and having to smile until your face aches, possibly dancing and running about and chasing down need shoes that are comfy and pretty, and even leaving aside the designer or swanky aspect, that combination does not come cheap. If you want to get ones that you love the look of and aren't going to ruin yuor day with blisters and bloody toes, you almost have to be paying a fair whack for that!

Personally, i think that as long as the combination is in budget, then you can split the budget any way you want! If that means a pair of shoes that are more expensive than the dress then go with that! The most important thing is that you feel great on the day, and an awesom pair of shoes can certainly achieve that :)

I'm pre op transsexual who love's shopping just telling were I'm coming from

Hey I'm not a shoe person but I do love to shop for clothes & everything that u need for an outfit, so if the shoes make your outfit & the person paying for the oufit can afford it then go for it you don't get to many chances to really splash out like this as you only get married for the first time once, so if the shoes will make you happy & you know you will wear them again & again, as long as you don't end up with blisters & bloody feet on your wedding day they should still be comfortable for u to wear as your be in them nearly all day honey

I don't see the problem Smirnoff! If you can afford them, buy them for yourself. It's what you want! :)

SG x

Smirnoff, who cares what costs what?? its your wedding, you do whatever you want to! You will wear the shoes again, the dress .. never again! makes sense to me!! Please please, show us some pics of those shoes!!

Eh, if you can afford it, do what makes yourself happy. Just dont tell my wife that

If you can afford it then go for it. I also have super narrow feet and spent more on shoes than dress, but my dress was £39.50 so I couldn't have got any cheaper really!

Go for it, you have to have the right shoes after all. Price is nothing and totally irrelevant - having the perfect shoes on a your big day is just as important as the right dress regardless of cost.

As a shoe addict price tags mean nothing and i will pay whatever i have to to have the shoes I want. My shoes are my best friends

Any chance of a link to the shoes you're after ? love love love shoes!!!