I've Done it!!

I am a Single woman now. I finally got the courage to tell him i dont love him anymore only as a friend and that i had to say cos i care as a friend. He didnt seem too bothered about it, and said lets be honest it was over ages ago really. But he is still here living with me, until we sort something, he said whats the point in shouting and screaming. All that and i been wanting to do it for months.

I told the fella that i like i said id do it and i have and 5 mins he was soon online chatting to me. But obviously cant get with him yet otherwise my now ex will guess its really about something else as well. I am happy now, now we gotta figure out about accomodation as obviously we both will need privacy one day .

oooh really? I remember reading your posts about not be sure and everything

Well done, I hope that you will be much happier now :)

Well done, hope you get the living arrangements sorted soon and that you can both get on with things.

Thanks Guys and Yes, and i have met this other guy recently, really it was irresistable not too after doing that. The only thing is now my feelings have gone stronger for him. But i still feel i cant get with him just yet, not that theres anything wrong with him. Its just that my ex is still here and if i get with this new guy my ex will think the split is all cos of that and not cos i dont love him anymore.

Its so frustrating and also i getting sexually frustrated.

This new guy is the love of my life i swear, ive known him for almost 10 yrs and shoulda got with him then. Everytime i use to see him somewhere i was happy, i dunno why cos i didnt really fancy him back then. I havent seen him for years though until this year. But he's funny, we have a laugh we call each other stupid names and got nicknames for each other. We've argued a few times and after each one he the one always gets back to me. He even called me dopey (in a nice, affectionate, i am sorry way) after the last arguement when he was trying to make it up to me. Oh and he has got eyes to die for!! Im not even interested in anyone else.

I want this fella in my arms now, but with my ex around who i think is thinking he will get back with me thats the only thing thats stopping me incase he go mad. I cant wait til he goes. I did plan on being single for a while, to be mby myself as i have never been before but now i got stronger feelings for this guy i cant help it. Cos i feel that i cant explain it to this new fella incase it hurts his feelings So im in a right old pickle now i dunno what to do.