Well, we've tried lots of anal lubes over the years, (mrs SXE is very sensitive to Glycerin and we have some 'compatibility' issues) and finally settled on Doc J, Anal Lube.

However, having used it for some time, we've started to have second thoughts about an oil based lube (and lots of it) for anal sex. We had a read around and found j-lube, which seemed perfect (if a bit of a pain) but we bought some (LH used to sell it, but no longer) and found it to be incredibly stringy.

Does anyone else on here use it and have a 'mix' that eradicates the stringiness?

I have no firsthand experience with j-lube, but apparently (apparently being the operative word here) mixing it up and running it through a blender for a few seconds greatly reduces the stringiness...maybe worth a try?

Everything I've read about J-lube suggests that the stringiness is the whole point of the lube, it's what people want from it...so yeah try the blender trick, but maybe it's time to reconsider your choice of 'everyday' lube and keep the J-lube for special occasions (or when you could be bothered with the stringiness :p) as it doesn't seem like you can get rid of it completely?

Silly question perhaps, but have you checked out the likes of Sliquid sassy? Just if being glycerin free is the main thing with your lube, it's a pretty popular choice and would be a lot easier to get a hold of! I know there is powder lube on Lovehoney too which also claims to be glycerin free if you want more freedom over consistency.

Sorry, I'm sure 'pick another lube!!' is the last thing you want to hear after having already tried loads...it just seems that the stringiness is inherently going to stay no matter what you do with the J-lube?

Hope you get something sorted with it!


Yes we've tried all of the Sliquid stuff and liquid silk but Mrs SXE is very sensitive it seems and she doesn't really get on with LS anymore either (our lube of choice is Wet! Platinum atm).

Glycerin free is one contstraint but like I said, we have compatibility issues, especially with anal. The J-lube worked extremely well with this, it was just RIDICULOUSLY messy although maybe we mixed it a bit thick.

The blender trick seems (from what I've read) to work. However, because if what it's doing I think it hinders who slippery the end product is...

Thanks all.