jenna loves pain

i got hold of this dvd from my partner and seriously i wanna be her!! everything she does i want lol just gotta tell me fella now!!

have you told him yet? I'm curious about the content of the DVD, does it have a decent variety of bondage etc, and decent looking blokes - the mingers we see in some pornos is a constant source of annoyance for my partner!!

hiya theres no blokes in it (all women)but id like to do the stuff on there with my fella, no mingers tho its like a diary entry shes talking about being a slave and loving it whilst it shows what shes done
/doing sorry im no good at explaining about porn dvds lol
ive heard the anna span from ann summers are good ones there porn dvds made for women by women im deffo gonna put one on my xmas wish list
hope this helps x

sounds good - my OH likes all girl stuff as well, so will add to my birthday list! Hope your slave related wishes come true!