Just saying 'hello'

Hello Everyone, how are we?

I thought I had been banned but I can still log in so I thought I would say hello.

I am pregnant!

Anna xxx


Hi @anna.michelsburg and congratulations x


Congratulations :tada:

Hi there and welcome to you and your bundle of joy when they arrive

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Evening and welcome :green_heart:

Hi @anna.michelsburg & congratulations :baby:t2::baby_bottle:

@anna.michelsburg Congratulations that is great news, if that is what you wanted?
Are you still seeing the Consultant? Brest wishes to you. I cannot see why you would ever get banned.

Helloooooo and congratulations

Hi and welcome back @anna.michelsburg :wave:

Hello @anna.michelsburg, congratulations, that’s great news :hugs::hugs::slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations on the news

Many congrats @anna.michelsburg :blush:

Welcome back. Congratulations on your great news​:smiling_face:

Wow, congratulations to you! :tada:

Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS!!! :tada::partying_face:

Hiiiii :heart:

Hii and welcome :heart:X

Welcome back and congratulations! As long as pregnancy is what you wanted and you are excited for!

Wishing you all the best

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