Just saying 'hello'

Please don’t think we don’t care or don’t read your posts…and you’re certainly not a boring “near 40’s mum”
We love to hear about your life, whatever you may be doing. This forum isn’t just for “sexploits”. We can share anything!

Big hugs :people_hugging:

Read, appreciated and enjoyed, keep them coming :smile:

Morning my lovelies.

Not been here for a while. How are we all?

Any news?


No exciting news from me, except it is great to hear from you. Its you that always seems to have an exciting life, how are things going with the baby and I hope they are not stopping you doing other things, if you get my drift. @anna.michelsburg

Good afternoon @anna.michelsburg

Yes, it seems ages since you were last here!
Things are good my end. We’ve had family come over and visit, which was nice. More coming out next month, so it’s been a busy few weeks.
I hope you, Mark and baby are well xx