Kanye West at Glastonbury

Hellooo ^_^

The most contraversal performance at Glastonbury is over, Kanye West. Did anyone watch? Were you singing along or think it was a joke, as I was told it was glorified karaoke. Persoanlly I like him for some reason & although it was him singing to a backing track, I still enjoyed it. Wat did you guys think of it? x

I didn't see it, I use to listen to his music a few years back but he is so arrogant and teamed with Kim K they are a horrible pair.

I did however see the whole thing with Lee Nelson jumping his stage and then wake up to reddit and see that someone at Glastonbury had made a huge flag with an image from her sex tape on it. Made me chuckle.

Awful choice by the organisers.

Glastonbury has always bern very family friendly but Kanye West swears all the way through his songs, and I fail to see why his was chosen to headline the pyramid stage last night.

I lost count of how many times he used the word "n!gger". Its an absolutely disgusting word and anyone else would find themselves in a whole lot of trouble using it.

So how come its OK for him to say it?

Did you see the bbc subtitles lol? I didnt watch it but saw the 'family friendly' subtitles on buzzfeed haha

I watched it. Thought it was pretty poor really. He definitely deserved to be there, he's a huge act and I think anyone taking kids to watch him would know the N bomb was going to get dropped a whole bunch of times. As someone who has taken their kids there on several occasions, hearing that word, as horrible as it is is not going to be the worst thing they'll see if hear over the weekend.

I liked the lighting rig, you could see he's gone to a lot of effort, I just don't think he managed to pull it off really.

Never liked from from when I saw him first back in 2003. He had relaeased one song and was doing a PA in a nightcub in the Midlands (either eicester or Sheffield). I was living in Nottingham back then so we drove to the club to see him and booked VIP tickets.

The VIP area was basically the upstairs of this club, with a balcony overlooking the dancefloor and main downstairs area.

Mr West had got the club to build a stage area in the VIP section, with stairs leading up to this stage and then enclosed it all off - so he was higher up and closed off from the club.

At some point in the night he came out of his enclosure, walk down a few steps, stood there for a minute or so looking down over the club. At this point the whole nightclub was going crazy for him, cheering and chanting and singing ou the words to his only released song. He then turned back and walked back into his enclosure.

I was expecting him to at least speak to the crowd if not perform.

From then on I always thought he was an arrogant tw*t and he has proved me right everytime with his own behaviour.

HOWEVER, as an entertainer and a person who set out to make it big in an industry where you rely on your popularity, he has done very well for himself - and the fact he now has his own thread on here is testament to his success!

So as much as I can't stand the man, no one can argue that he hasn't been successful in his life!

He`s a deluded tit,he`s certainly no `Rock` star! Also,wasn`t his lighting rig first done by Queen circa 1978? At the same time Sky Arts was showing Download highlights,there were REAL rock stars on that,with much better stage shows! Kiss,Muse,Slipknot etc!

I watched a fair amount of it switching between him and Suede and thought it was a joke no live backing band, he couldn't sing in tune, seemingly couldn't perform with out some sort of vocal synthesizer/vocoder/autotune when he claimed he was the biggest or greatest rockstar on the planet really? he must have a high opinion of himself i can think of plenty of artists and bands better than him that don't perform glorified karaoke to backing tracks

Didn't watch it. Nor have I read the comments.

All I know is that I think that man is a big hairy tit.

When I heard that he needed sixty cars for his 'Guests' I thought I ought to see what he was like live. What a load of hype, they say you can sell sxxx if you market it right. Totaly uncoordinated, lighting failed, earpiece failed, forgot where he was and he wrote the rap. And the performance on that cherry picker. Value for money? Naaaa

Lionel Richie however drew the largest crowd, an estimated 120,000. Not bad for an 'Old un'

Tikilou. 27 in 'All day Nxxxxr' To think that some people have lost their job and been humiliated for useing it!!!

I was still getting over Paloma Faith on Saturday evening. Ooh I do fancy that girl something rotten.

And still grumping about having to attend a Function on Friday evening and missing Florence, whose music I don't care for much but who is sooooo beautiful.

Never thought I'd hear myself say it but I really enjoyed Lionel Richie!

I don't respond well to that sort of arrogance. It makes me want to see him fail. He also could have taken 5 minutes to learn the words for the Queen song he tried to sing.

I would have felt cheated if I had tickets this year.