Lack of sex toy experience

hi everyone :)

im a little embarrased about talking about this stuff a bit, but it helps having people to talk to about it.

i have little to no experience with toys, i have two but i really want to add more to the collection :p

What are some suggestions for some good toys just overall in general for either me and my gf, or solo items for myself

There are absolutely hundreds to choose from on lovehoney, have you had any luck with the two you already own?? Maybe you can see what you like about those and you can go from there on choosin a new toy that'll work for you both :) x

Tenga are a great brand for men.

Everyone will advise you to buy a wand (which I myself am going to buy this week finally :D )

And this is, from the reviews, a great couples toy, though it depends how much you're going to spend. Lelo are an amazing brand though, so you are getting your moneys worth.

i actually had really good luck with them, but i am looking for maybe more of a variaty, they are both the same thing basically

Grrrr sorry my links don't seem to be working properly today -_- xx

how would you use a tenga toy?

Most of the tenga male range are stroker toys. Some such as a tenga egg are (supposed to be) one use. The eggs come in different ranges hard boiled and normal. The hard boiled are a thicker material so hopefully you won't break through. All the eggs have different ridges inside them.

The 3D strokers can be used over and over again and again come in different shapes.

The Onacup tenga toys are, I believe supposed to feel like oral sex and then the flip hole masturbators are another form of stroker though these are a little more costly than the other alternatives xx

haha ok i didnt see the videos thank you :)

any recommendation for anal toys either for solo or couples?

I haven't yet gotten into anal toys so can't help you there although this is a link to the anal toys lovehoney stock and they are in order of best reviewed xx

oks thanks a bunch :)