Larger piercing jewelry?

Not really a sex or toy question so I am guessing to post it here. I have two body piercings and also a good collection of different jewelry depending on my interests and what can show at any given time but I have noticed that my choices of jewelry falls flat as soon as I hit 6 gauge (4mm). I can not find anything at 4 gauge other than a typical captive bead or barbell. Is that the industry these days? Just not enough demand for more creative / artistic body jewelry in larger sizes?

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Essentially and sadly, yes. Finding anything that’s artistic or unique above the 3mm mark is very hard.

It’s one of the reasons I stopped at 3mm for my piercings. As nice as the captive beads or barbells are, I want some more flair than just shiny metal

You can get a 6mm bcr with diamontes in it from my favorite site bodyjewelleryshop plus other etched types but are all stll bcrs

There is some stuff out there to at least 5mm but you have to go searching on various auction sites and search the web.

I have trouble finding acrylic at 2.4mm and larger.

Oo what piercings do you have?

Do a search for The Chain Gang. US based company that I frequent and ships body jewelry internationally. They have interesting stuff up to 4mm but then fall flat for anything larger like most companies. I have managed to buy shields, rounders, chunk rings, weights, and stretchers from them but it all goes away at 5mm.