Lingerie for big boobs

I'm really struggling to find anything I feel comfortable in. I'm a size 20 with a large H cup bra size.
I'll I've found is open cup where the girls roam free but they are large and gravity is not my friend so over the years they have drooped so it's not the best look for me.
Most of the plus size have spaghetti straps and with the weight of mine looks awful and digs in my shoulders.
I really want to be able to cover the stomach as I hate it, the crotchless undies just don't come high enough and makes my stomach look even worse.
Has anyone got any ideas as I've ordered so many, tried them on and the boobs just don't fit, even the peephole. I have baby doll designs but they are more lingerie than sexy bedroom wear. .

Have you tried Bravissimo. They do larger cup sizes and sell some very pretty sets. They are pricy.

Have you considered Bodystockings?

Cracking suggestion Nat.

I have GG cups and i really like this one. It's in blue and black. I find the denser lace holds everything in place more. You can kind of put your boobs when you want them!!

As for crotchless knickers. Have you tried the bodyshort type? They're good for us with a bit of a tummy

Also recommend a body stocking. They normalky have plenty of stretch ( espically lovehoneys own bearded ones) I have the blue one and I found this one the best.

Oops sorry I've just seen its already been posted.

I actually also have those body shoots. And a mummy belly, they actually come down quite low and don't cover your tummy very's a shame there isn't many high waisted underwear..

ScumptiousDumptious wrote:

Have you tried Bravissimo. They do larger cup sizes and sell some very pretty sets. They are pricy.

I second this.

Personally, I really like brand Panache (which they stock). 

Hi hippy I understand where you're coming from. I am 38L and size 14/16 and have struggled over the years to get anything that fits. Simply be are great for some lovely bras at a great price but something a bit 'special and sexy' I agree with the rest of these lovely ladies on a bodystocking as covers and holds in the 'wobbly' bits. With the right lighting you can look absolutely stunning in one of these (I have tried this trick a few times and works a treat!) Good luck and let us know how you get on x

I do know what you mean, I'm a 36g after losing some weight and struggle to find sexy items that acomodate my bust. I do however have this it's stunning and really comfortable. Sadly I have slimmed down out of it, but I'm hoping for the standard size in it soon.

It not actual lingerie but bedroom lingerie. I'm fed up of no support from open cup or body stockings where I'm either picking them up off my knees or out of my armpits
I'd love be some peephole or half cup for the bigger boobs but looked everywhere.
It's hard to feel sexy with giant natural boobs that done sit pretty like fake ones.

I absolutely love this website/shop. Lowest size in a H cup is 38.

They do some gorgeous clothing, underwear sets and sexy stuff. 

Hope it helps x

Hey, I am a HH so I feel you on this, I ordered this...

it is amazing, yes boobs are free but with big natural boobs they aren't going to be perky so embrace them xx

Lovehoney bras are reasonably priced and from reviews generous in sizing.

Bravissimo is good but expensive.

Found a shop in metro centre Gateshead (others around the UK) called yours and they do catalogue too

Today from Yours got 2 x 48J under wired bras for £44