Looking for a new toy!!

Hi i'm looking for a new toy I have vibrator, dildos, kegal balls. I want some new just dont know what to try and wondered if you all had a thoughts.

I haven't got one yet but I've heard rave reviews about the mains powered wands. I think that'll be my next purchase if master allows it :D

i brought my partner a wand which she loves, as we brought an attachment for it which makes it even better, try a bullet vib they are fantatic my partner loves them she now has 4 of them

thanks i have bullets ( find the noisey) but will have a look at wands. thanks uys n girls :-)

girls deffinately get a wand xx

How strong do you like your vibes?

Wands are known for their strength, especially mains powered ones. Which is perfect for some and too much for others of course. I use my wand maybe twice a year.

Have you tried a clit massager or clit vibe?

I have this one (Fun Factory LAYAspot) and like it a lot. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2235

This one (Humdinger) looks identical to one I have that was discontinued (Hummer). I don't know if it is, hopefully they've fixed the fiddley top. The Hummer has a deep rumbling vibration, especially for something so petite. I can't tell from the reviews if the new design still does that, but everyone did seem to be rather distracted by its most distinctive feature. ;-) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=21149