Looking for new and exciting ideas/toys

Hi everyone, me and my gf have been together for a while and looking for some new and exciting ideas/toys for the bedroom, any suggestions? (Open to unusual/kinky suggestions)

Hello and welcome to the forums.

It may help the suggestions if you give some sort of idea and what you have tried and tested and what you enjoyed and didn't. Also what sort of budget you are looking at.

For me i would suggest the wand bundle as it has something for both of you.


Sorry for lack of info have tried the "normal" toys such as vibraters and rabbits and bought under the bed restraints but we're not sure what to try next as there are alot of things that look interesting but also quite scary. We're looking at a £30 budget (at a time). Was looking for something new that doesn't involve pain.

Have you tried anything glass? We recently got this which is being discontinued so at a fantastic price. Feels amazing and glass is great for temperature play.