Love Honey Customer Service

I just wanted to say something.

I've been buying items on and off with Lovehoney for a year or so and never had any problems. My last order was the first time something went wrong and it was probably my fault! An order wasn't linked to my account. I was probably stupid and didn't log in before making the order. -.-

So I put in a email message to Love Honey explaining the situation and asking what I should do. Expecting a reply in 2-4 days, as is common with most other companies Customer Service, I went off doing other thing.

5 minutes, 5 MINUTES later, I got an email saying they had linked the order to my account.

Love Honey, you are amazing. You're showing the big companies how Customer Service should be done. Amazing return policy, some of the nicest staff I've ever seen and outside service. Keep up the amazing work. It truly is a joy to buy stuff from you. <3

*Sends some appreciation too*
Lovehoney truly have a remarkable customer service! And everything else!

N'aww shucks! You're making us blush!

I'm so pleased you got your order linked to your account and that we were able to get back to you so quickly :)

Thank you for your glowing feedback - what a wonderful way to end the working week :)

Have a great weekend!

Their standards never slip. A true blueprint on how every customer based company should run. A happy customer is certainly a returning customer. Well done Lovehoney. 👍🏼