Love honey needs to do better with its condoms.

Looking though the condoms and i am very surprised to see very few with size measurements on them. Whilst most condoms are about 8in 200mm in length which is fine for most people as you don't need to unroll it all. Width is much more important. Too loose and there the risk of slippage, to tight and there the risk of breakage or losing your erection just trying to get it on. Very few condoms have the nominal width on them. And some like the pasante king size give a range of widths between 53-69mm (they are actually 60mm with the super king being 69mm). Come on love honey do your home work and get the sizes and post them on all condoms. You have the sizes for all your sex toys! If a manufacturer wont give you the sizes dont sell them. Its about sexual health and being safe after all.