Love honey on channel 4

So who is sat watching?? Oooh my

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I'm watching :)

I've recorded it. To watch tomorrow.

I didn't know it was on or i'd have had a look

What was this? Didnt see it! ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif)

I watched it 😊.

What.... 😯 I missed it!

Ah yes, we was back on channel 4 last night.

Available on 4OD at mo. Episode 4: Sex Toys to Bee Stings! 


Will take a look tonight :)

Ooh, I've missed this. Will watch it on 4OD later 😍

I am amazed at what love honey has managed to accomplish so far. They've totally lifted the stigma that toys are used by lonely single people.

It's changed so much I even managed to persuade my friend to buy a toy from here. There is literally no better place, and the customer care is superb.

I watched!

I watched, was impressed !

Oh that was the program it was on have it recorded to watch later

Ooooh since I had noooo Lovehoney were on the tv last noght. I will catch up on 4Od later with a box of chocolate (comfort food😄)

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I'll definately be watching this tonight on catch up too ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif) xx

I heard about this today from a work colleague I will be watching on demand later.

Must remember to catch up on 4OD. Thanks for the reminder!

Just caught up! I would never use the Great American Challenge but I do think it would be a fantastic weapon to defend yourself with. I think an intruder would have to hold back their laughter as you swung that giant dick around..

I've just watched it and couldn't help but pick out the items I own of the warehouse shelves.