Lube comparison

Afternoon all,

We have been using Fist it extra thick lube for ages now (Not even for fisting lol, we like it because its just super thick and less needs applying etc)

This one

I've just seen this one, fist it anal lubricant

I was just wondering if anyone has used both and could give me an idea of how thick the anal fist it is in comparison to the extra thick? We have tried lots of different lubes that claim to be thick and are really not when they arrive and while we are already fans of the brand I just wondered if anyone had tried both and could give an idea?


The second one states in the description that it shouldn't be used for vaginal fisting due to the high glycerine content, so I personally wouldn't use it for anything vaginally. I haven't tried it so I can't comment on the thickness, but thought I'd bring that to your attention in case you missed it!

Ah, yes I had missed that!! I skimmed over it and thought it looked good with the bigger tub......I am shocking!! Thank you very much for pointing it out.

Yes Glycerine is used in the food industry as a sweetner and therefore could encourage a yeast infection.