Making love in the window

It was and it is nice, it was and it is excelent!
My best orgasm is always because of total love for him, fisically and psihically; we like all types and positions in sex: classical, oral, anal, hard, sweety, racing, masturbation in bad one to eache other or on phone to each other.
We like racing which means that each of us has to take more orgasmes.
We like racing who of us can make love and ofcourse sex longer without eat, drink and sleep.
In mind we find always a new film we play: for example me with 2 or 3 of only him one etc.
We made love and sex on different places because we like that: for example on window of our badroom but in street nobody had to coclude what we are doing; belive me it is not easy when you are near orgasm or in orgasm! We like also when is dengerous that somebody can enter in our room or ring on door. We like playing with chocolate on our bodys like in film "9 and half weeks" but our sex is better because is real, it is not only a film.
Sorry on my english but I am an croatian girl.
Thanks for present!