I did an aromatherapy/massage course (diploma) when I was 17/18 and promptly forgot about it.

Last week or so though the OH has been asking me to give her a full body deep tissue massage (Swedish) (nothing erotic).

So she's under a towel on the bed and I perform the standard massage, 90 mins. After i'd done (she'd been acting a bit strange at points) she told me to check between her legs, she was dripping wet and had actually leaked all over the bed during the massage.

Is this normal? Any ladies who have gone for a proper massage (not a seedy massage parlour massage either!) experienced getting horny and wet?

I have the nickname "Magic hands" at the moment...

Well, I've had "proper" massages done before, but I've honestly never checked after one. I do find it's a kind of erotic and satisfying sensation with the pressure and when you feel aches and knots disappearing - it's a sort of visceral satisfaction. But usually by the end of it, I am so relaxed and jelly-like that seeing if I'm aroused is the last thing on my mind, haha!

Part of her arousal was probably because you were the one who was doing it; I know that if my boyfriend starts to massage my shoulders, his touch turns me on even as it relaxes me.

Used to get a reaction from some girls on the course, but was too young and naive to appreciate what was happening, but definite signs of arousal there.

Need to practice more!

Massages are indeed very pleasurable, not designed to be sexual but the human body is only naturally going to respond to being made to feel good. The body is bound to relax, destress, unwind and generally feel positive.

I get a massage done weekly, i usually get erect at some stage or another and while it's not because i'm sexually aroused per say, it's more because my body is so totally relaxed that all my inhabitions go and i'm at peace. Same reason alot of people fall asleep during a massage. I know when i sleep, i've been told i'm almost always fully erect during sleep, think its akin to being comfortable and made to feel relaxed, like the effect a massage has.

I've almost always had an erection during a massage and that in turn produces precum and general wetness, again not sexual its just the way the human body is, its very difficult to be erect and not leak a little bit of fluid during the course of a highly pleasure 90 minute bout of intimate body contact. Of course, not sexual, but the body is only naturally going to respond to good feelings. Same for girls too i'd imagine. In fact i'm pretty sure i could be massaged by a warthog and still wind up erect, wet and sleepy, not whole lot to do with sexual activity, its just the body responding to a good massage therapist.

90 minutes? I'm lucky to get a rough 15 minute massage off my OH ... Even the thought of a long relaxing massage is making me wet lol, I used to get wet during massages when I was younger but that's probably because iv always only had sex on the mind, think I may have to experiment with this :)

i know that if i'm giving JJ a massage the chances are high that she'll get wet and horny, and if there's any doubt about that a short massage on the sacral area will more than accomplish that!

i often bring my wife off during a massage session even though the aim is to relax and pamper. I can tell when shes ready as she starts to rub against the bed. its different though to when we have sex as i try to maintain at least one hand massaging her and when she orgasms we just carry on the massage until shes ready again.

often she will be soaking when i finally touch her.

can cum 3 times in an hour session, then she has a hot bubble bath with candles and her book for another hour.

totally relaxes her.

i got a massage when i was young for a back injury from playing sports. even though i was in pain and it was another guy doing i got very erect. I think that experince made me aware of the power of touch and i explored from there

I've never had a proper massage before but my partner gives me one I get very turned on.

She is a trained masseuse (NOT the erotic sort!) and includes it her therapy. It can be very sexy when that's the intention, however, and we often use massage as foreplay together and with swinging friends, when we have plenty of time and we are all in the mood.

I love giving a massage and yes, usually they have a good effect. I think it is very different depending on who gives them. I don't think I'd respond well to a professional masseuse as I consider it a bit too intimate for a stranger to be doing to me....

I think ste's girlfriened is very lucky! ;)

im trained in indian head massage and i have given many massages at one point into the massage you get quite close to the person,my breasts end up being squashed into the persons back, i know that some men get quite turned on when im masaging them which that makes me feel a little weird at times and they get very embarrsed,

but as for me i would not say i get turned on by any other person touching me,i have had many massages,due to my course and they are lovely and relaxing and i have no sexual feelings when somebody i dont know is touching me where as when my partner touches me i get very turned

I wouldnt say this was normal if I had it done by a stranger. I have had a few massages in salons and they just relaxed me and did not turn me on at all. However, with my partner doing it....oh yes! I get dripping wet too. Its a frame of mind, you see. My partner turns me on, I fancy him, his hands are teasing my body. So yes. This is totally normal In saying that, there are sometimes he gives me a massage and I ust don't get horny. I just relax into a floppy, sleepy mess lol. It really is a frame of mind for me.