Men hit me with your fav toys

In no particular order:
Various flesh lights I have
Njoy wand
BD dildos (nocturne and Nox)
Hismith sex machine and various attachments

I guess I do not run with the herd too much . I sat and thought about which toys log the most time for me . I love my super soft a subtle nipple suckers , I use them daily and they have increased the size and sensitivity greatly . Another that has been used longer than anything else in my toy chest is a simple pliable tee plug . The vibrater that came with it was terrible . Lucky for me I had bought a rather expensive cock ring - butt plug prostrate massager that did not match my dimensions and I stole the top end rechargeable vibrator for the tee plug . I love anal and have a nice grouping of dildos from 6" up to 9" and ride them often . A fairly recent purchase I absolutely love is my We Vibe Egg Ultra . A bit pricy but worth it . It stays in and is controllable with an app and the patterns you can make are amazing . The battery life is also quite good . For me , the biggest waste of money was my Flesh light . Another great and cheap buy was a reversible stroker , especially clean up vs fleshlight . Keep in mind I am an elderly gent that has a total DIY sex life .

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If I hit you with my favourite toy, you’d be unconscious and I’d be Assisting police with their enquiries lol :slight_smile:

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Probably the male double stroker here on sale. Tight and feels very good with lots of lube. Why wouldn’t you at under $10! The best part is you can orgasm out the end and clean up is easy. Plus being clear you can see how hard you are. Great for trying edging too while watching favourite porn. Being small your partner can take over and help :wink:

I have that stroker and love it . For best performance I try and keep the lube near the minimum , too much lube and not enough friction . Clean up quick and easy . :+1:

Masturbation or anal toys?

Which one do you have? Thinking of getting one but read some posts saying it doesn’t do anything for sensitivity. Please let me know your experience with using it.

I recently bought the love honey hi roller have only used it once but i enjoyed it

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Butt plug and cock rings

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My boyfriend has had a Fleshlight a year or two now. We both still live with parents and I had started using a vibrator and dildo so a toy for him too seemed like a good idea. He says he cums much harder using it than just his hand and uses it nearly every time he wanks now.

This is by far my favourite toy and it’s currently reduced too.

Sorry but I know this adds nothing to this topic. I just have to say that I saw the title and my first thought was that seemed a little aggressive.