Male Toy Reccomendations

Hi all, need a little advice /recommendations on which male toy to purchase. My other half is pregnant and doesn’t feel like sex but is happy to satisfy my needs. We own a lot of toys from bondage, vibrators and sexy lingerie but we haven’t got and male toys. What have people had used on them that they would reccommend?

Here's a recent thread with a few suggestions in that you may find useful -

One of the first penis toys I purchased for a partner, was a Tenga egg, then progressed to the LH strokers and the Thrust range. I love the Fleshlights, though they are rather bulky.

The male fleshlights are good.

Thanks for the roots so far, I will look through the other thread mentioned. We have been interested in the ice Fleshlight as it’s clear and you can see everything. My wife said it would be a turn on to her seeing everything. My only concern with the Fleshlight range is cleaning them after use.

Super easy to clean.. the inside comes out... warm water and soap. Then some toy cleaner spray and you are good to go. 2 minute job.

As above, the fleshlight is so so easy to clean. I would always suggest to get some sex toy renewal powder (corn starch) just to powder the toy after it’s dry, most people don’t bother but it does keep things soft and new. I would hugely suggest a fleshlight for a Male toy

I would recommend either a fleshlight or Lovehoney thrust. I own several of both and are very satisfying. If you didn't want a realistic masturbator then the tents black or the satisfyer men would be a good choice.

Me and my other half own the thrust pocket pussys ella lola and lea :-) my other half loves these as sometimes after a long day wi kids im just too knackered to do anything so got these so he could still get a release as hand jobs on himself aint very pleasureable so anyways there is 3 reviews on my profile if you want too look at them my other halfs faveroite is lea then ella and finally lola XD were still hoping to invest in more of these as it can be quite a turn on for us watching each other use our own sex toys and then using them on each other :-) so would highly recommend them :-)

Thanks all, I will have a bit of reading to do of reveries etc, has anyone used a vibrating version of the Fleshlight or other brands?

The thrust pockets is compatabile with vibrators but we found the thrust 3 speed vibrator wasnt very effective with it so were gunna be buying more powerful ones :-) once we find a powerful enough one i will send update to let you know which one we found works best :-)

Don't forget butt plugs, they're as much for men as they are women. And once you've popped that cherry I can guarantee you won't stop! There's not a lot better when solo playing than having a wank whilst your butt is full