Men shaving or waxing .....

I always shave, much prefer smooth and tidy on both myself and others. And add a little lube and it's becomes VERY slippery!

Love being wet shaved. The feeling of silky smooth shaving gel makes for a sensuous start to an evening. When really frisky I enjoy a bit of bondage coupled with shaving foam.
A definite convert to being shaved.

I shave but correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the hair have to grow back at least 1/4" before a waxing follow up and going through all the same discomfort yet again? IPL laser is an option but only for darker hair, takes time, and costs $$$ to buy. I am a seasonally bare guy so just do the Gillette thing.

Xx male wax and shave in between but be so careful down there! Takes lots of practice

Both trimmed and tidy, but not shaved :smile:

I tried one of the main brands of hair removal lotions only to end up looking like I had measles for about a week and without any hair loss. Not a nice experience. It apparently works for a few others but not for me.