Menopause and lubrication?

Okay so I’ve not had my period in 3 months :smirk: whilst I love the interruption in my period I’m dealing with a lot of dryness :expressionless:… any suggestions for a really excellent lube that doesn’t dry out after 10 minutes? If that?

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What do you use at the moment?
It would be helpful to know what isnt working currently to recommend something that might.

In general, silicone based lubes last much longer, but aren’t compatible with silicone toys…

We aren’t in menopause territory yet, so not aure how valid my recommendations are.

We’ve loved liquid silk (hybrid water based with a little silicone)… but it gave us both, male and female, a case of thrush. It’s probably because we are susceptible to it (never had it before mind you!) and because of the glycol (a sugary ingredient) giving the bacteria food to multiply.
We’d still be using it otherwise.

Since then we’ve used sliquid lubes, no glycol, conceived with women in mind. Nice lubes too.
I’ve only tried their water based ones, they’re very nice (regular and gel ones).
Hoping to try their hybrid version at some point, but a bit pricey for lube (American made, $ exchange rate not exactly in our favour in the UK).

I am also not at that stage in life but we do use lube a lot because we like it messy and it just helps him fit me better. Some times of the month I can’t produce as much so we need a helping hand.
We are still looking for the perfect one. I hate it when it goes sticky. I am also very sensitive and get UTI’s easily, so picking the right one is an ongoing experiment. So far I really likethis one
Sometimes though you have to accept that you have to reapply especially if it’s a long session. He just makes it hot, love it when he puts it on me and then himself while looking at me. I read on another thread the Sliquid was quite popular and there was another one that everyone swears by, off the top of my head it was Liquid silk or something, but Lovehoney doesn’t have it at least in my country. If I find the thread I’ll edit my post. :slight_smile:

Sliquid is very good for sensitivity and lasts a while.

We tend to use Lovehoney water based branded lubricants both flavored and none flavoured and never had an issue.

We used them when playing both with and without sex toys.

We use Lovehoney Discover for everything.

It’s a water based lube designed for anal sex but it can be used for anything.

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The Sliquid lube you linked is my favourite too. Really good.

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