More graphic chat

Hi, I understand why lovehoney wishes to regulate unnecessarily graphic/erotic posts but does anyone know where that sort of exchange can be found with like-minded people?

Admin pls delete if this question not acceptable.


There may be some sub reddits that allow for it (there are definitely some sex based ones) or depending on the type of chat you are looking for sites like fetlife have forums (although more kink orientated). Fabswingers does have a forum and chat rooms and I’m sure other swinger sites do too

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Like @Calie said, sub reddits might be a good place. I’m not sure about other sites but do please be careful because there can be weirdos on Reddit and other forums.

You’re absolutely right but a lot of weirdos generally, haha

Fetlife might be a good place to check out there is usually a group for anything you can think of.

There are endless places online for graphic and erotic chat from swingers sites to more specialist ones - google is your friend.

Of course you may well find yourself enjoying a long, erotic online conversion with what you think is a 20something, young, buxom blonde female, with a penchant for older men - when the truth is that behind the keyboard and screen is a guy in his 50’s catfishing all and sundry and knocking one out for kicks.

But then if it’s just idle chat and words on a screen you’re after then a.) you’ll never know and b.) does it really matter?


A lot of discord servers exist for this these days. Usually ID vetted and moderated.