mother's day suggestions


Any suggestions for my OH (41) , became a mother for the first time 7 months and isn't feeling too great about her body...


flowers attention cards attention chocolates (forget the diet for a day) compliments the whole nine yards no flirting or expectation of sex just give her a good time

Tell her she is lots of different things: mother, partner, friend and lover, and that you appreciate all of them. She might like some vouchers for a beautician, a manicure or pedicure would be a nice treat, or even trip to the hairdressers. It took me a while to get used to the changes to my body (which are inevitable, even if you look fine to everyone else). I also lost a lot of confidence, and how she feels about her body is probably affected by loss of confidence too. It's such a big change for her in every way. And of course new lingerie would be lovely treat, but buy something like a camisole that she may feel more comfortable in than something fitted. Her boobs will still be changing size anyway!

some nice bath products?

An afternoon tea at a posh hotel?

Make a mothers day card with your little one,(like hand prints) thats all mummys really want imo :)

Last year I got my mum a hand made heart candle holder and some nude heart. So far I'v planned a berry fruit basket (I know someone growing cherries and they taste and look great) and will find some arty thing before hand.

I'm not really sure what to suggest as my mum if very open to a lot of things such as erotic items and art.

I tend to find with presents, I see something and think/ feel it'll suit a certain person I know. It takes a lot of hunting throguh shops and sites, but you will almost always find something that'll grab you and the receiver will be delighted.

robin heidi920 hit a nail there involve your child as much as possible