My Cup Runneth Over!

Or maybe ‘free to very naughty home’ sign?


You lucky lady. lol sounds like a great time to be had xxx


I love this :smiley:

Start a shop on Etsy and sell it. Or manyvids, then you can sell them used and dirty if you want too! People pay more for that :sweat_smile:

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So, I had a spare hour this afternoon so I did a bit of Googling and adding up and the grand total for the entire box (based on RRPs) is… (drumroll)… £2925 :open_mouth: . Even if the toys were currently discounted on the site (which they aren’t), there is still way more there than the supposed £500 prize value.

I do feel like they’ve either accidentally sent me their entire stock by accident :rofl: or they’ve used the competition to get rid of a load of stuff they don’t need any longer. I’m not complaining but whoever made up the package must surely have been aware that no one individual needs 30+ cockrings, 15 ballslings and a partridge in a pear tree! They could have had at least 10 winners with all the stuff they’ve sent me. It does all seem quite surreal.

Anyway, my husband cherry picked a few bits after I did my stocktake, so that’s our lifetime quota of cockrings well and truly filled. Now to offload the rest!


Far be it from me to cast any dispersion, but if your husband can’t put 30+ cock rings to good use, are you sure he measures up to your requirements?
Remember the trusty old saying:
Less than 40?
Not very naughty!

@DreamsOfChi:joy: Do you know a local Del boy, who could shift them down the market …luuuvly juuubbly.
" Here darlin…your old man will luv this…tell you what buy 2 and ill throw in an uver one free , cant say fairer than thaat. "

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What are you doing with them that necessitates using new ones so often?! :thinking: So long as the silicone doesn’t perish, they’re going to last a fair while so can be used multiple times - reduce, reuse, recycle. Aside from all that, I have nowhere to keep the ruddy things!

I was thinking more use all at the same time ( Perhaps should be ‘Less that forty, he’s a shorty!’)

How many of these could you wear at once? :open_mouth: :joy:

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Not me but OH might manage 1/2 if he’s lucky :rofl: