Just won 105 quid at the bookies this afternoon, looks like I may be purchasing some LH stuff! Now I'm undecided, should it be lingerie, toys or a combination?

well done on the win KK, let us know what you buy

Not bad at all mate! Surley something has been saying "Buy Me!!" As rach74 says, let us know.

well done on your win...hope you enjoy your winnings and all that you buy x

That's what yer wishlist's for! So you don't even have to think, just pick your faves that you've spent hours drooling over...

I'd rather go for the toys as they create a direct pleasurable response than lingerie, which I have to say I'm indifferent to, but who knows...

I, myself, am having trouble over getting a Fleshlight, a vibrating prostate massager, or a buttplug. Seeing as though I have an anal dildo, I'm more inclined to buy a Fleshlight.

If you like lingerie and toys equally, I'd say combine it! £105 is a lot of money, so you can buy a fair few things. Doesn't have to be ALL toys, you know. Or you could base it on how often you'll be using it. In my view, the toys would be used more, but that's from my single status point of view.

By the way, congratulations on the win!

Ooo well done you, your going to have to let us know what you decide?

I think toys if that were me, something in the luxury line you wouldnt normally be able to get.