My favorite vibe...ever!!!

I just wanted to shout about this to be honest! It's brilliant.

The softness is fantastic but firm at the same time. It charges really well.
I have kissed goodbye to all my battery powered ones as this is so much better!
My partner has no problem handling it either as it is non-threatening, very very pretty and elegant looking.
It came in a box that presented it brilliantly and made my Christmas!

What's your favourite vibe ever???

Still a Jessic Rabbit convert. But then, I can't really afford to get any of the interesting ones. Maybe if I save up a pound a week then go for a blow out at Christmas...

I have several favs but my current special vibe is the Ann Summers IGasm - available on Love Honey as the Vibro Pod

You can use it by itself (8 vibration settings) as a love egg you insert or hold up against your clit, or for extra specialness, plug it into your MP3 player or Ipod and it buzzes along to the baseline of the music!!! OOOOH yeah! This makes certain songs extremely memorable!! hehe! Best of all tho, you can pop it inside you and get on with jobs such as the washing up or the hoovering, and my god do you get thru them quickly! mmm mmm mmm!! :)