🔍 Naming feedback needed!

Hey All,

We could do with some help figuring out which of the following product features you feel is most important (Edit: For toys)!

When looking at a product the following is the most important to see first:
  • Size
  • Material

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Thank you! :smiley:


I am pretty interested to see what the concensus is on this one, as I will usually find the material I want and then pick the size. But, if only given one aspect to chose from, the size is more important!

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I think both are important for different things - lingerie is more size importance but for toys, it’s the material that tends to get my interest first :blush:

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Eep, hadn’t thought to clarify! This is only for toys :slight_smile:


I voted and then changed then changed back! When we break it down we look for material is it real feel / duel density etc then size :ballot_box::+1: @Lovehoney_Brenna

Material by a mile for us. If it’s not body safe etc we look elsewhere

Having the material in the title is generally more important to me as there are certain materials I don’t buy and certain ones I like more than others so having it in the title means I don’t have to open the product page and look.

That being said, I do think realistic/semi realistic/basically just a cylinder type dildos could get confusing when browsing if the size isn’t prominent.


@HappytoBeHere I shop the same way, especially when it requires lube! I may be in the market for something glass, or metal, or silicone, and once I’ve determined the material/texture/what kind of lube I can use with it, then I shop my options.

That being said, it might be a cool feature on Lovehoney to have a recommendation grid/list on the product page that shows size comparisons, i.e., if you’re interested in product A but in a smaller size, take a look at product B, or if you want something larger than A, check out product C.

You could utilize this same format for all the different variables as well (material, power source, etc.).

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I think it really depends on what you it would be, for something like a dildo or plug it’d be size, and then material, but if a vibe it’d be material as size isn’t important usually. Tricky one to answer for a broad spectrum of toys.

Ive voted but i think its all according to what type of toy youre looking at aswell. I also tend to look at reviews before i start looking at the specs

I changed my vote from size to material. When I really thought about it the material would sway me .
I’d not buy a toy if the material wasn’t right regardless of the size being perfect.

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Edit: for a name, measurements are more important when you have a thumbnail. I always care about girth not length though! Material definitely catches my interest first, but I can tell that from a thumbnail and then I go to see if it’s manageable on the measurements if the shape looks good.

Unless allergies are involved, I would think size is the paramount consideration. Especially when you might be after things that turn out to be way too big (butt plugs!) or way too small (chastity cages!).

Also depending on what the product is, I feel like the circumference could be more highlighted… Is it just me who’s more interested in it than the length?

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For myself and OH definitely size first,but I have allergies to latex so have to be clear on material :blush:

When it comes to toys … size matters


I actually now look to see whether something is rechargeable or not if it falls in such category.