Natural lubes

Has anyone tried any natural stuff such as coconut oil, olive oil, emu oil etc as a lube. Do they work okay or would it be bad to put that greasy stuff in your body? I react to so many ingredients that I struggle to find products that I can use. I know coconut oil is supposed to inhibit yeast so that would be a good thing but it did make me itch just a bit afterwards.

Any thoughts?

In the throws of passion on or two emergency lubes have been sought.

Olve oil was ok, no problems but wasn't that long lasting, ditto for almond oil. The best we used was butter, felt amazing going on (cold as buggery) and broke down to a good lube, didn't last too long but then again neither did I.

This might be a good question Horny Pony, when I reviewed Liquid Silk recently I said I was a bit concerned since the list of ingredients is printed on the container, but they are all chemicals and I have no idea what any of them are, also the makers may of course change them at any time.

Almond oil - now that is recommended for oiling wooden flutes, the musical variety, if you are going to keep it they say you should add a little vitamin E to stop it oxidising. You put it on flutes to stop the wood cracking or splittting.

heard brown sauce pretty good

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Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, ..... there must be more!!


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