New eggs

Ok, i love my eggs. Have lelo ones, Tracy Cox ones and recently ordered another 2 including the small metal ones with no cord.

I slightly over estimated strength of pf with metal ones and only wear at home until i get used to them as they can drop out (and that wouldn't be good in the classroom). So basically I am looking for suggestions of eggs that a) are above 60gr in weight b) have oscillating weights inside and c) possibly have audible weights inside.

I basically am looking for ones that i can feel the weights rolling in the balls when theyre inside as for me that is part of the turn on. If they dont have oscillating weights i forget theyre there. I want the kind that really gave free weights moving when you walk and climb up/down stairs. Am not fussed about cord no cord. But oscillating and good weight are 2 most important features. And i really wouldnt even mind if they were slightly audible ;) So hit me with your recommendations.