Oh F*ck !

Just collected the post and my Big Boy Rocks Off Prostate Massager has arrived !!

First impressions...................... Its BIG Very Big

But I'll give it a go tonight

I'll let you know how it goes

Best of luck then! Hopefully it won't be big enough that its stops you enjoying it. :P

Have fun tonight! :L

Big is good :)

Good luck.

I still have a few toys that are too big for me.

Its easy to get carried away when ordering!

Luckilly Love Honey have a 100% return... May have to down size but no harm in trying

treat it like exercise.....stretch first

luckylesbo wrote:

treat it like exercise.....stretch first

This. :P If you think it's too big for starters, make sure you stretch and warm up. And the watchword, as always - lots and lots of lube! :P

enjoy your new toy!

lube is key to it all.

Have fun trying :)

Well Ive just reviewed it and to be honest, it was too big but only slightly, managed to get it all in but just didnt do anything for me I'm afraid.. Review is pending so it should be up tomorrow, but gonna send it back for his smaller brother

If you want a laugh, my review is now live !