Orgasm to relieve menstrual cramps

So I expect there may be mixed feelings on this one...

I have found that, although I don't feel as horny while menstruating, having an orgasm REALLY helps to reduce cramps and has become my go-to solution when experiencing painful cramps. I try this before resorting to painkillers as I find it just as effective.

Have any of you noticed an improvment in painful menstrual cramps after orgasm?

What is your favorite toy to use to achieve an orgasm during menstruation?

Yep the increase in blood flow to the muscles and waves of contractions through an orgasm always help with period pain, regardless of whatever toy I chose to use. I find just having sex always helps too. Much more fun than pills or a hot water bottle!

I've relieved cramps with wanks (see what I did there?!) for decades.

I've always used tampons so I started with my fingers but progressing to clit vibes has been brilliant for me.

Even when I lived in a shared house I could get fast relief in the bathroom with the bath running (pre waterproof vibe days).

I'd recommend this to anyone as a way to help with the cramps.

100% agree it helps. Also having an orgasm or 3 helps speed up the process so my period often ends sooner.

"relieving cramps with wanks" Haha! Love it!

I feel like we should spread the word about this, I know a lot of women who feel like sex/masturbation is off the table during menstruation. I don't think it should be a taboo issue, it's probably great for your health and if it speeds the process up too that's even better.

Oh and I totally agree it's MUCH more fun than pills or a hot water bottle that's for sure!!

I had a girfriend who had terrible cramps the doctor said masturbation helps with cramps , For me it was great waking up to her flicking her bean

Other half loves having sex on period to ease the cramps. Who am I to say no :P tehe

Same here!

If I'm not that much in the mood, I'll just use a wand - this way there's less to clean up afterwards

When my cramps get super painful, the last thing I want to do is masturbate, lol. I only use toys near the beginning/end of my period when the flow is light. For the rest of it I'll just use my hand to do it through my underwear and towel.

But, yes. I have found that having orgasms during your period helps and it even seems to pass quicker. Luckily, I'm on the Implant so I get periods very rarely (haven't had one in months).

I think so, we still have sex often when we do

I def agree with this, it also helps me with some headaches too. Tbh I am always really horny when menstruating and not bothered by the blood so happily have sex and masturbate throughout.

I dont get periods now because of my Mirena, but when I did, I masturbated and shagged a lot during my period, for this exact reason. I didn't use a toy, just fingers.

For me, oral from my husband was better than masturbation, and sex was the best of all at relieving the pain.

I suffer with bad cramps but find masturbating in a warm bath helps . I prefer to keep everywhere clean so don’t use my toy as such but have found humping a pillow with my underwear on also gives a satisfying orgasm and helps ease pain

I suffer with bad cramps but find masturbating in a warm bath helps . I prefer to keep everywhere clean so don’t use my toy as such but have found humping a pillow with my underwear on also gives a satisfying orgasm and helps ease pain

Although I don't get paticularly bad cramps, I do find that orgasms temporarily help with any sort of pain. If I have a cold and I have an orgasm it really helps with headaches and also temporarily unblocks the nose. I think it is better than any painkillers!

My lady's periods are unpredictable, occasionally getting very bad pains when she doesn't want any sex. If the pain eases, then like others on this thread, she gets very horny and wants me! I hope I don't offend anyone with the following, but the first time we had sex was during a period. As a result, if I get her blood on me it makes me quite emotional.

I find that period pains can definitely be decreased by orgasms, it's scientific in the sense it increases the blood flow to the area and also releases a lot of feel good chemicals that help with pain. I find my fingers work best on my own or my magic wand toy (LoveHoney special) if I'm with my other half I find lick outs give me the best relief or sex whilst using my magic wand. I know a lot of people find period-related sexy time tabboo but I personally cannot get enough of it! One of my favourite past times

Yes, very much so. I have pcos and so have a very heavy flow and get really bad cramps because of it, I take painkillers anyway for my disability so there isn't much of anything I can take to stop it. Therefore I'm usually rolling around in pain because of the cramps, the only thing that works for me is to orgasm be that maturation or whatever, never minded having sex on my period at all, still to find a partner who agrees with that though and isn't weirded out by it

I am actually extremely horny when I am on my period but don't want to have sex due to the mess of it all, OH loves it but it just the mess but if it helps with the pain I may give it a go. Have noticed that when Im starting to get a headache if I suck him off my headache disappears, only works just at the start. OH says he has magic cum?!?

Yes I love period sex!! I'm very horny on the run up & during my period! It has helped me with cramps and I've found sex often cuts the period short. I normally just lay a towel down or do it in the shower if it's the first day as usually very heavy (dramatic shower murder scene) 😂 But how annoying when you think it's finished and have sex and end up with an unexpected mess... The trickery!?!