packer help?

Hi there! I am a cis woman but always curious with packing, i just got the Limpy 6 inch packer and I'm super excited. I tried it on a bit at the house but it doesn't really stay in place,so i'm kinda worried to wear it outside. Does anyone have any tips? I searched a bit at the forum and somebody suggested spirit-gum but I'm kinda worried to put that so close to my genitals (maybe I'm being paranoid though) If you have any advice on that or how to clean it or anything else really, i'd love to get ideas^^Thanks so much andsorry if this has been discussed before!

Hey ffauxx

Have you browsed our brief style harnesses? They're perfect for packing as most of them contain a stretchy O-ring to hold a Limpy in place, and some even have a fly front for a convincing bulge. 

You can see all of our Packers and Packing Underwear here

I hope you find what you're looking for! :) 

thanks! I have one but the o-ring is really small and I can't really afford another one right now :/ but it's not a bad idea to use a harness so I'll try that! thanks again :)

Add some to your wish list and someone might buy you some

hahah that would be awesome :D