Pearl position

Morning, Quick question before I get dressed and head to work. My lh order arrived yesterday (yay! Gotta love super fast delivery) and I'd ordered the Red Crotchless Pearl Shorts. My question is kind of dumb - but should the pearls be skimming the surface or should they be positioned slightly more internally between the labia so they actually are in contact with my clit. And - dumb question part 2: would I be totally bpnkers to wear them to work under my jeans? Tried with my summer skirt but it's white and you can really see the red underneath and am not really wanting my colleagues knowing what pants am wearing ;) Also as i have fears of gusts of wind lifting my skirt up 🤤

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KinkyMira wrote:

I would say whatever is comfortable for you Lulu. I haven't had any like them, but I'd probably go for the slightly more internal for direct contact if they worked.

I don't think you're bonkers for wearing them to work. I don't wear any at all to work, so I'm used to the fear of gusts of wind. :-D

If you try them, you're not committed for the day - you can always take them off if they are too much or exciting for you.

Have fun!

Ooops. Meant to write reply. Decided not to...for today at least simply because I couldn't find them 🤤 Put them somewhere safe yesterday away from prying eyes. So safe I couldnt find them thiis morning 😐 So opted to try out the new kegels instead. Re gusts of wind - dont think i could cope with flashing my all to my students!

If you wear them on the outside they'll probably work themselves in to a degree, on the outside is visually pleasing but think the idea is more rubbing against things, note they can "pinch" sometimes my wife's found.

I have a pair of these and can confirm if you wear them outside they will work their way inside he he. I would wear with tight jeans as would rub to much and drive you wild. He he unless you want that. Normally wear at home for sex or teasing hubby but have wore out before. Must say for me got me very turned on and soaked so have to be careful what you wear with them he he

The pearls should roll down the centre so to be blunt from your clit to your bum and gently rub as you walk and move around. We found if you have outie lips they can pinch a little, also if you are feeling a little dry down below it can cause an irritation. Tight jeans should be fine as long as you have a little bit of movement underneath to allow the pearls to move around.

Not sure what the neighbours think when I stick them out on the washing line in the garden tho he he

Not a dumb question at all. I've had a pair for a while and never actually known the "proper" way to wear them. So Thankyou for asking x

Delboy1991 wrote:

Not a dumb question at all. I've had a pair for a while and never actually known the "proper" way to wear them. So Thankyou for asking x

+1 same here, thanks for bringing the 'pearls' up!! 😉

My sexy OH wore these for half a day, she wore them with the pearls on the outside under a skirt, but we never thought to put them closer to her. She gave me a few deliberate flashes which certainly had a good effect on me. Will try them closer next time as she mentioned the sensations were minor but enough for her to lead me to the bedroom for a very hot session.